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Lelo Luna Beads are revolutionary pleasure beads designed to provide the most intense satisfaction possible. Made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, these luxury kegel beads are designed to be worn internally and can help improve pelvic floor strength and vaginal tone for increased sexual pleasure. The two sizes of beads make them perfect for anyone looking for customized pleasure, as the heavier set offers a more intense internal sensation while the lighter set is ideal for those just starting out with kegel exercises. Featuring a unique retrieval cord to ensure easy removal, these luxurious kegel exercisers make it easy to get the most out of your intimate experiences.

Unlock the Benefits of Lelo Luna Beads

The Lelo Luna Beads provide a variety of benefits to users. They are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to increased sensitivity during sex, better bladder control and improved sexual performance. Additionally, they are made from body-safe silicone and feature two different sizes of beads so that users can choose their level of intensity. Finally, they are easy to use and clean with a discreet storage case for added convenience.

How to Use Lelo Luna Beads

Lelo Luna Beads are a great way to enhance your pleasure and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. To use, start by inserting one or two beads into the soft silicone harness. Next, adjust the harness as needed to create a comfortable fit. Lastly, apply a few drops of water-based lubricant before sliding them in for extra comfort and a more enjoyable experience. With regular use, Lelo Luna Beads can help you achieve greater control and increased sensation during sexual activity.

“User Reviews of Lelo Luna Beads”

The Lelo Luna Beads have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. People are raving about the high-quality materials, ease of use, and discreet design. Many have said that they have noticed an increase in their pelvic floor strength after just a few weeks of use. Additionally, customers appreciate the fact that the product is comfortable to wear, and that it can be used discretely throughout their day with no one being the wiser. All in all, it seems like this is an excellent product for anyone looking for a way to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

30 reviews for Lelo Luna Beads

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